Day trips from Split (islands)

Split is a perfect home base if you want to explore the south part of the Adriatic coast. It is amazing how many great places you can visit from there. If you are in Split for a week prepare yourself for a treat! If not, just pick one destination you like the most. Trust me, you won’t regret whatever you chose; sea, nature, food… It is amazing everywhere around.


Let’s start with Krka National Park. Why? Either you come to Split in summer, spring or autumn, Krka won’t disappoint you. Natural beauties compared with education is all you need during your vacation. If its summer, don’t forget to take swimsuits. There are places to buy food and drinks, but even better for me is to take the food you like with you and enjoy the picnic! Also, please remember that water there might be colder than seawater since it is a river so go and enjoy the waterfalls. The best transfer to go there is by car. But if not, just google trips from Split to Krka. I’ve heard people taking a taxi, probably they though it is closer than it is, but it will cost you a fortune. If you decide to take a local bus, first you need to go to the city Šibenik, and then transfer to another one which will take you to Krka. In the end, the price will be almost as similar as if you took a day trip with an agency so in this case, I would consider that option. Here is a link to the official page:


Brač is an island very close to Split. It is around 45 minutes by ferry. After you arrive there, you can either stay in Supetar or take a bus or a car and visit Milna, Postira or Bol. Bol is the most popular one for its particular beach look. The shape of the beach changes depending on a part of the year. If you decide to go with a car I need to warn you the traffic will be dense. you might get spending hours in ferry port waiting to board the ferry. On this particular trip, I would rather make it on foot. Everything is close anyway.


Šolta is another magical island, almost in the same distance from Split as Brač. The price of the ferry is around €6. There are two places in Split where you can buy ferry tickets, one is at Promenade and the other one is in the ferry port which is 10 minutes from the city center. Just ask for JADROLINIJA, everyone will direct you correctly. Ferry from Split stops in Rogac, from there you can take a city bus to visit nearby towns, or stay there and enjoy your day. Šolta is more for families maybe, or people who don’t want to be around crowded places.


Hvar is the sunniest Croatian island always full of people. In a world, it is known as a party island with good music and wonderful food. But you don’t need to go to the city Hvar, there is Stari Grad, Jelsa, Sućuraj… Just take one afternoon, grab a coffee (or juice in my case) and google towns at each of these islands. Whichever choice you make, it is the right one! Just keep in mind that Hvar is a bit further, so it is better to take catamaran than a ferry, it will be faster to get there. There are numerous activities to do there, besides kayaking and yet boats, the Blue Cave is really worth visiting, believe me, you will be stunned by its beauty.


Korčula… my favorite! If you ask me why, I really can’t tell you. Since I was a child I always wanted to go to Korčula and I finally went last year. I loved it and I can’t wait to go again. Old town compared with natural beauties, what more could I ask for? However, there is one thing, in Korcula town, there is only one little beach, so if you are looking for something extravagant try with another city. But if you would still love to go here, choose catamaran above the ferry ( same reason as for Hvar).

If you are not a huge fan of islands, feel sick on a ferry or just prefer dry land, check my other article: Day trips from Split (towns)

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